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finally and Return Values !!!

Let us read some code:-int SomeMethod() { int num = 1; try { num = 5; return num; } finally { num += 5; } }What is the return value of SomeMethod? Some anonymous guy asked that question in the code project forum, and it has been answered. I am writing about it here because it is interesting and subtle. One should not be surprised when people misinterpret finally. So let us take a guess, 10 (i = 5, then incremented by 5 in the finally block).It is not the right answer; rather SomeMethod returns 5. Agreed that finally is called in all cases of returning from SomeMethod but the return value is calculated when it is time to return from SomeMethod, normally or abnormally. The subtlety lies not in the way finally is executed but in the return value is calculated. So the return value (5) is decided when a return is encountered in the try block. The finally is just called for cleanup; and the num modified there is local to SomeMethod. So ma…