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Seinfeld Calendar Update !!!

We have released an update for Seinfeld Calendar with a bunch of some exciting features and defect fixes. I hope they are exciting for you too. NOTES: You can add notes or additional information for a task on a month basis. Again, the notes are maintained month wise and not date wise. It is just to keep it simple, since adding it date wise would require a special selection mechanism for marking a date as completed.REMINDERS: When you create a new task or edit an existing task, you will now be able to add reminders for a task, or disable them too if you added one already. As you might have guessed it, the reminder pops up a notification at the specified time reminding you to do the task. It could be jogging in the morning or taking your pills at night. The tool is now improved to not only keep track of your task status, but also helps you to do it everyday by reminding you. So you will not miss doing it!HOME SCREEN WIDGET: We have added the facility to drop home screen widgets on your …