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Missing MI !!!

We all know C# does not offer multiple inheritance but offers arguments that programmers can live without it. It is true in almost all cases, especially all cat and animal or employee and manager projects. I have seen a few cases where if C# offered multiple inheritance, the solution would have been natural, elegant and succinct.Imagine that I have a component (UI, non-UI, doesn't matter). You can make calls into the component, which does some interesting work for you. Imagine that the component takes an interface IComponentCallback to notify its parent. So I would do is have my parent class derive from IComponentCallback interface and pass this to the component. The code would look something like this:-interface IComponentCallback { void Callback1(); bool Callback2(); void Callback3(int old, int new); } class SomeComponent { // The parent on whom callbacks are made private IComponentCallback _parent = null; public SomeCompoent(IComponentCallback cmpCallback…