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Quiz - (Journey through templates, SFINAE and specialization) !!!

template<typename A, typename B> class TClass { public: TClass() { } // Overload #1 public: std::string SomeMethod(A a, B b) { std::ostringstream ostr; ostr << a << "-" << b; return ostr.str(); } // Overload #2 public: std::string SomeMethod(B b, A a) { std::ostringstream ostr; ostr << b << "-" << a; return ostr.str(); } };So that is a template class with SomeMethod overloads. Why would somebody write such a class? Imagine it is an adder class, and the method overloads could used to add with parameters specified in either order. Following is the way one could use the above (based on the adder example):- int i = 45; double d = 12.3f; TClass<int, float> t1; const std::string idText = t1.SomeMethod(i, d); // This calls Overload #1 const std::string diText = t2.SomeMethod(d, i); // This c…